The Lady of the Mercians – Aethelflaed

Aethelflaed, the daughter of King Alfred the Great was known as The Lady of the Mercians.

She has been described as ‘our greatest woman-general’ and as one of the most effective leaders the country ever had. She commanded troops for eight years and ruled a country as well. 

She drove back the marauding Danes and seized Watling Street, a strategic highway that represented the border between the Danes and Anglo-Saxons. 

In the early summer of 913AD, with her Mercians, she marched to Tamworth, and at the junction of its two rivers, established a fortification. 

Aethelflaed also founded a series of Burhs, including Stafford.

She died in Tamworth in 920 AD, an event which resulted in Mercia being merged with Wessex.