Key characters

Key figures of the period include:

Kings & Queens

  • Penda, 625 – 655
    King of Mercia, the last English Pagan King, became the most powerful leader of his time.
  • Wulfhere, 657 – 674
    Son of Penda and the first Christian King of Mercia.
  • Aethelred, 674 – 704
    Second son of panda, succeeds his brother to the throne of Mercia.
  • King Offa of Mercia, 757
    Became the most powerful of all rulers, also known as King of all the English
  • The Lady of the Mercians – Aethelflaed, 913
    The daughter of King Alfred the Great, known as The Lady of the Mercians.
  • Aethelstan, 924
    Nephew to Aethelflaed.
  • Editha
    Sister of Aethelstan, married Danish leader Sihtric in 925AD.

Religious men