Community Touring Exhibition Education Resources

Please visit the Mercian Trail Community Touring Exhibition Resources page to find KS2 education resources to accompany a visit to see the Mercian Trail Community Touring Exhibition.

A great resource for Key Stage 2 & 3 pupils Pupils and teachers from the historical department at Chase Terrace Technology College have created an education pack for all schools to use. Chase Terrace is just a few miles from the site where the Staffordshire Hoard was found. Find out more and download the pack.

Anglo-Saxon Activity Workshops for Schools KS1/KS2
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery have produced several hands-on workshops for schools, based upon life in Anglo-Saxon times. Find out more.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery also offer a practical workshop based on archaeological investigation. Find out more.

There’s also a wide range of learning resources online. Here’s a few we’ve found:

BBC’s Primary History – Anglo-Saxons

Britain Express – Anglo-Saxon life

Education Scholastic – Anglo-Saxon riddles

The Ashmolean Museum – Anglo-Saxon resources