Conservation: Understanding the Hoard

Soon after the Staffordshire Hoard was successfully acquired, the Staffordshire Hoard Conservation Plan was written in consultation with the Metals Conservation Department at the British Museum. The plan sets out the guiding principles, project structure, and treatment strategies for the Conservation Programme, which was led by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and completed in 2016.

The Conservation Team

Conservation Team was based at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery until 2016, and was funded from the Art Fund, the National Memorial fund, public donations and the National Geographic and Birmingham Museums Trust. Additional conservation placements in 2013 were funded by English Heritage (now Historic England) and we are grateful to the Pilgrim Trust who part-funded a conservator throughout 2013/14.

Internship Programme

This was set up to allow both conservation students and conservators in professional practice to participate in the conservation of the Staffordshire Hoard and to share their knowledge with the Conservation Team.

Supporting public interest

As well as conserving the treasures, the team was tasked with maintaining a public profile, as there is a strong ongoing interest in the project from the public.