Understanding the hoard

“This is wonderful news for historians worldwide – the Staffordshire Hoard provides us with vital clues to our ancient past, and now we can set about decoding them. It’s now vital that we think ahead towards a future conservation of the Staffordshire Hoard, and displays that will match the excitement of the find.” Historian Dr David Starkey FSA

An integrated research and conservation programme is enabling us to better understand and pose theories for the Staffordshire Hoard – from the context of its burial within the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia and the reasons for the burial, to the date of the artefacts it contains and the origins of the garnet inlays.

Studying the hoard is also shedding light on the techniques and skills used by the Anglo-Saxon craftsmen.

Comparisons with other Anglo-Saxon artefacts and manuscripts of a similar date may in turn enable us to refine the dates of these cultural objects of the 6th-8th centuries AD.

A major programme of research and conservation is in its second and final stage.

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